Safe & Precise Toronto Spay and Neuter

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At Star Veterinary Hospital, our skilled and compassionate veterinary team can perform reliable spay and neutering procedures for your cats and dogs. We deliver efficient services with the respect and gentle care we believe all animals deserve. Dr. Kristina Szabo and her trusted staff will provide safe and effective services guided by our comprehensive approach to animal wellness, ensuring they have everything they need to experience a bright and healthy future ahead of them.

We are an independently owned practice, passionately serving the Toronto community for decades. Our caring and gentle team provides services with an attentive bedside manner. We utilize modern technology to make the process pleasant and convenient without ever skimping on the quality of the results. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!


What Is Spay and Neutering?

Spay and neutering procedures are an effective way to eliminate the possibility of reproduction in both male and female pets. Spaying is performed on female animals and involves surgically removing the uterus and ovaries, terminating the possibility of pregnancy. Neutering is a surgical procedure performed on males involving the removal of the testicles to end fertility.

Important Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Spay and neutering offer various benefits to your pet that go beyond eliminating the possibility of reproduction. Receiving this procedure can add years to your furry family member's life, decrease the possibility of cancers, and help stabilize the local animal community, cutting down on the overall animals needing to be euthanized every year. Here are some reasons why it's important to spay and neuter your animals:

  • Decrease aggressive behavior in male pets
  • Decrease the desire for pets to roam and seek mates
  • Decrease pet overpopulation and pet euthanasia
  • Decrease the risk of mammary gland tumors
  • Eliminate heat cycles, bleeding, and calling for a mate
  • Eliminate or reduce marking or spraying
  • Reduce the risk of ovarian and uterine cancers
  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer and testicular cancer

Our Spay & Neutering Process

We will thoroughly examine your cats and dogs to ensure they are a healthy candidate for a spay and neuter surgery. Our skilled and focused veterinary team will run a head-to-tail physical check and additional bloodwork to ready your pet for a safe and successful surgery. Once we've concluded that your cat or dog is ready to move forward with our services, we will schedule an operation for a later day or during the same visit if possible.

Spay and Neuter Recovery Tips

It's common for your pet to experience some discomfort for a few days following the procedure. Our practice is equipped with an in-house pharmacy providing everything necessary to help the recovery period be smooth and comfortable. There are numerous steps you can take to further help your pet experience a pleasant and productive recovery period following the surgery, which include:

  • Do not allow your pet to run or jump for a few days
  • Check the incision regularly to ensure proper healing
  • Refrain from letting your dog interact and play with others, allowing them to have a quiet resting place to heal
  • Prevent your pet from licking the incision site by using a cone or other products
  • Wait at least 10 days after surgery to bathe your pet

Spay and Neuter FAQs

We know you have questions regarding the process, and our friendly and knowledgeable veterinarians are happy to answer, never leaving you in the dark throughout the procedure. Some frequently asked questions regarding spay and neutering procedures include:

Are there any risks to spaying or neutering?

We stay current on all modern veterinary techniques and technology to ensure our procedures are safe and effective. There are some risk factors associated with older pets, overweight pets, puppies that have had their first heat, and pets with unknown underlying health issues. Rest assured, our skilled and compassionate veterinary team will run a thorough physical exam to ensure your pet is ready for a safe and successful surgery.

This is a common misconception. While spay and neuter procedures have been linked to a slower metabolism for your pet, regular exercise and a proper diet are much more significant factors in your pet's health and well-being.

If your pet has recently given birth, we recommend they refrain from receiving a spay procedure for about two weeks after she has stopped producing milk. Once the young ones have been weaned and the mother has stopped producing milk, they're safe to undergo this procedure.

Trusted Toronto Spay and Neuter for Your Pets

At Star Veterinary Hospital, our hardworking veterinary team will provide effective spay and neutering services for your precious cats and dogs. We have been serving the animals living in our community for decades and will assist your pet's health and well-being with the gentle and compassionate care they deserve.

We look forward to meeting you and your adorable pets and providing Toronto spay and neuter procedures. Dr. Kristina Szabo and her caring team offers safe and efficient services that help your pet experience a future full of vibrant health. If you feel it's time for your furry family member to receive a spay or neuter procedure, contact us today and schedule an appointment!