Star Veterinary Hospital in Toronto, ON

          ****It all started with Star****


Two years ago, I welcomed Star into my life. She suffered a facial deformity and had difficulty eating and required several hours of care a day but what a gift. Spending that time with her, helping her overcome these hurdles bonded us; she became more than a cat. She became my companion. Star came everywhere with me —on my sailboat, stand-up paddle boarding, for walks with friends. Star is a symbol of resilience, bravery, and trust. 


Our shared experiences formed the foundation of Star Veterinary Hospital. Star’s gentle demeanor, her ability to accept everyone she encounters, and her unwavering trust in me are the values that guide our hospital: Compassion, bravery, acceptance and boundless love. 


As someone who graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1999, my journey as a veterinarian spans 24 remarkable years. My passion for animals has only grown every year, fueled by moments that encompass the joy of cuddling kittens and puppies, the satisfaction of performing life-changing surgeries, and the privilege of being a guiding light in pets’ lives.


I thrive on solving the mysteries of your pet’s health. While I never wish for pets to become sick, the process of figuring out their ailments and creating a tailored treatment solution is where my expertise truly shines. 


Star Veterinary Hospital is more than a business. It’s a reflection of my lifelong commitment to animals. Being part of the Fort York community is essential to me. I’ve lived in the area for years, and the opportunity to open this clinic in my neighborhood answers my calling to bridge the gap between pet owners and the community. I want Star Veterinary Hospital to be a place where the warmth of a family-run establishment meets best-of-the-best veterinary care. 


As you step into Star Veterinary Hospital, you’re not just entering a clinic. You’re joining a community that revolves around love and care. And you might even catch sight of Star herself, as she continues to inspire us every day. 


Join us, and let’s create a haven where your pets are more than patients—they’re family.



Kristina Szabo DVM/clinic owner (she/her)