We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our pet parents have to say about our practice:

I always can trust that Dr. Szabo's knowledge will bring the best possible care for my dog and my precious kitty.


Dr. Szabo is there for you and your pet from the first puppy or kitten visit till that day that is the hardest one. Her compassion is incomparable and without boundaries,
Bless her


We have entrusted Dr. Kris with the care of our fur family for years and would follow her anywhere. She is personable and reassuring and always ensures that the pet owner knows all their options. And on the exam table (or on the floor) the animals are always relaxed and happy - on her last visit with 'Aunty Kris', my wild child puppy fell asleep on the floor while being examined!

Betsy (with Roni, Jackson, Alice, Sarah, Louis and Parker)

Dr. Szabo has been taking care of our family pets for more than 15 years. She truly cares about her clients and always takes the time to make you feel comfortable, explain situations and give options. Dr. Szabo is the only vet we trust with our pets.


I have been taking my pets to Dr Kristina Szabo for the last 22 years, she is so wonderful and so knowledgeable. Dr Szabo has a gift with animals. She is very thorough and because of this my animals have always lived a long and healthy life. Dr Szabo is not only great with our fur babies. she is just a joy to speak with and has educated me over the years on how to be the best pet parent I could be. I am very great full for Dr Szabo and will continue to have her care for my pets through out her career.


At the height of the pandemic, I was searching for a veterinarian I could trust and feeling nervous handing my pets over to unseen faces. Dr. Szabo shocked me in the best way possible. She took the time to come outside the clinic and really talk to me. She was patient with my many questions and compassionate towards my previous experiences. Dr. Szabo is so incredibly gentle with my senior cats, and this matters a great deal to me. She has a calm energy and I can tell my cats feel safe with her. Dr. Szabo engages and empowers me to make the best decisions for my pets, and I see how much she genuinely loves her work. [If you're looking for a stellar veterinarian, trust me when I say Dr. Szabo is it.


I've been a client of Dr. Szabo's since 2012. I have two cats, Luke and Leia, both suffering from IBD.
I am immensely grateful for the healthy and happy lives my little ones have been able to enjoy, all thanks to Dr. Szabo's exceptional care, dedication, and compassion.
Recently, Luke endured several months of a severe IBD case, during which he lost a significant amount of weight and began developing chronic kidney disease. He grew weak and lost control over his bodily functions.
I was prepared to say goodbye to Luke. However, after consulting with Dr. Szabo, we decided to explore a different approach. Since then, Luke has made a steady recovery and returned to his playful self.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Szabo; she is the best veterinarian I've had the privilege of working with, and I trust her with my fur babies' lives.


I met Dr. Szabo in the beginning of my dogs life here in Canada. My dog had been through the first year and a half of her life with a lot of uncertainty. Dr. Szabo was one of the first people to really listen, and to acknowledge my concerns. Dr. Szabo is the most thorough and honest veterinarian that I’ve ever met. She listens to your concerns and to the issues at hand. If she is not sure about a treatment nor a medication, she will go out of her way to research fully to give you an answer. I have full confidence in Dr. Szabo and her work. She has great compassion for the animals that she treats. She knows that her patients she treats are our family members.