Euthanasia Services in Toronto, ON

Losing a pet is a sensitive situation, and we understand the difficulty in having to make the final decision. Our veterinarians are skilled in assessing pain management and do not recommend euthanasia casually. We also make certain that the process of putting your pet to sleep is carried out in not just a humane manner but a loving and delicate manner. 

Our staff will walk you through the process prior to coming in for the visit. Pet owners are welcome to be in the room as their pet passes. If you feel that is too difficult to handle, please understand pet owners do not have to be present. We care for your pet as if they were one of our own and will be there for them in a loving manner. 

The decision to euthanize is heartbreaking and important in many circumstances. There are so many questions - why are we euthanizing? When is your pets time? How does that appointment start and end? What happens afterwards? We can help you with this decision and all these questions when this time comes. 

No matter what you decide to do, don’t feel pressured to choose one option or another; choose the option that is best for you. Some pet owners feel that an urn with their pet’s remains helps the grieving process. Others feel leaving the pet with us is easier for them emotionally. Because your pet has peacefully passed, it is now your decision to do what is best for you.

The bereavement process is different for every pet owner. Some only take a couple days for mourning while others take months. It is completely normal to mourn the loss of your pet, and you should never feel obligated to put a time limit on what is the “right” amount of time.

If you have any questions about the process of putting a pet to sleep or want to schedule an appointment to see if it would be beneficial for your pet’s condition, contact our office at your convenience.